This Ultra-Flattering Zip-Up Is My New Hot Girl Walk Uniform

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Given my deep Midwestern roots, I enjoy walks all year round — yes, even in the freezing cold — but I’m with the fairweather walkers on this one . . . summer is where it’s at! A hot girl walk in December is tolerable, but a summer hot girl walk is life-giving . . . I’d consider it one of my top three hobbies! I live for my three-mile midday stroll, listening to a mindfulness podcast and reciting my gratefuls. And if you haven’t hopped on the trend yet, this is your summer!

But three miles is a long way . . . if you don’t dress correctly, you’ll be either too hot, too cold, too sunburnt, too squeezed or some combination of these displeasures. It’s taken some trial and error (and experiencing all of the above issues), but I’ve finally cracked the code to the perfect hot girl walking outfit!

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The ideal hot girl walking outfit consists of leggings or shorts (shorts if you want a leg tan), a baseball cap, chunky sneakers and this trendy zip-up that flatters your shape while it wicks away sweat. The slim-fitting jacket is made of a stretchy polyester and spandex blend that lightly hugs your body and makes any body type look hourglass. Spandex is particularly breathable, so you’ll be cool as a cucumber while you move about!

A stand-up collar, thumb holes, exterior pockets and hidden interior pockets are just a few other highlights of this jacket, making it an ultra-versatile layer for all seasons. I wear it half-zipped with a sports bra and tank top underneath, but it can also be worn during the winter with a windbreaker or fleece. We won’t talk about cold weather right now though . . . that’s so three months ago!

This jacket isn’t just for walking either — it’s ideal for running errands, hiking, lifting, lounging, stretching and grabbing coffee with the girls. To nail the preppy athleisure look, try wearing this jacket with chunky sneakers and tying it over your shoulder when you get too warm. You’ll look like a wealthy mom headed to Pilates class!

The jacket comes in 11 different colors, so choose whichever best suits your wardrobe — if you want to match though, grab the merlot! I love the timelessness of the burgundy-red hue. Since any of the colors pair well with black leggings, white shoes and a white baseball cap though, there’s really no losing!

Get the Pinspark Slim Fit Zip-Up Jacket for $30 on Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 31, 2024, but are subject to change.

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