‘Summer House’ Exes West and Ciara Speak Out After Shocking Reunion

West Wilson and Ciara Miller.
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Summer House’s West Wilson has some explaining to do following the show’s shocking season 8 reunion.

In the first half of the two-part special, West revealed that he and costar Ciara Miller had broken up. Despite what fans saw throughout season 8 of the Bravo series, the reunion was their first time in the same room in quite a while.

“I was nervous because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. And two, we never had hardcore closure,” West, 28, shared in an interview with Bustle published Friday, June 7. “We just agreed to maybe not talk, and then I didn’t really know where we stood. Three, I tried to react to what everyone else was saying [instead of] saying what I wanted to say. It was such a disaster.”

West and Ciara, 28, quietly broke up in December 2023. At the reunion, Ciara accused West of stringing her along.

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“He was playing a game with me,” Ciara told host Andy Cohen when holding back tears. “[I] went to his parents’ house. We went and stayed with his brother in Chicago. We went to a wedding.”

In his latest interview, West shared his impression that the breakup was mutual, civil and respectful. “But looking back after the reunion, [I realize] I blamed a lot of external factors for my unreadiness to date,” he added. “The more I think about it, the more I think her feelings [at the reunion] were valid.”

After the reunion aired, many viewers sided with Ciara with one fan applauding Paige DeSorbo for sticking up for her friend. (During the reunion, Paige, 31, alleged that “right when the cameras went down, [West] didn’t need her anymore” and he was “kinda out” at that point.)

Summer House's West Wilson and Ciara Miller Speak Out After Shocking Reunion Revelations

Ciara Miller and West Wilson.
Courtesy of Bruce A Wilson/Instagram

“I never thought @Conrad_Wilson was the right man or good enough for Ms. @ciaramiller___,” the user wrote via X on June 6. “I’m so glad her bff @Paige_DeSorbo gathered that mf’er on national TV, with a smile on her face.”

West shared the message and added, “Gathered is a good word here.”

As for Ciara, she proved that living well may be the best revenge. “I’m blown away by all the support and kind messages after last night,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories on June 7 while wearing lingerie. “Just wanted to say I so appreciate it and I see all of you.”

With more details surrounding the breakup expected to be revealed in part two of the reunion, some viewers are curious to find out if West and Ciara could ever live together for another season of Summer House.

While Bravo hasn’t confirmed any casting news, West said he currently has “minimal communication” with his ex. Could that change when filming resumes? “I think that will be answered within the first day or two, if we do share a house again in the summer,” he told Entertainment Tonight this week. “I don’t know a whole lot right now, which also might be the answer you’re looking for.”

“There was never anything gross, nasty, evil,” West added about the split. “I mean, it all felt pretty mutual and respectful the whole time, so I don’t think there’s any hatred.”

Part 2 of the Summer House season 8 reunion airs on Bravo Thursday, June 13, at 9 p.m. ET with old episodes available to stream on Peacock.

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