Steal Sabrina Carpenter’s Perfectly Sunkissed Look With This Tom Ford Favorite

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If you’ve been obsessing over Sabrina Carpenter like the rest of us, you’ve probably already worked out the type of blush she uses to get her signature makeup look. But you may not have known about the other integral part of what makes her look like, well, her. In a recent TikTok, she revealed the Tom Ford bronzer that fellow it girl Hailey Bieber also uses to bring her looks to the next level.

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The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Contour Duo is $90 at Nordstrom, and it can give you the same sharp cheekbones you see on the “Please Please Please” singer, along with the other products she uses regularly. It comes in four different colors of bronzing shades, and a highlighter so you can add a bit more definition wherever it’s needed.

Get the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Contour Duo for just $90 at Nordstrom!

It’s a smooth, creamy formula that comes in a gorgeous, glossy case. It goes on easily and spreads like butter, making it simple enough to blend with other cosmetics. It’s lightweight and doesn’t add any weight or heaviness to the look you’re going for, which makes it a great option for blending in this summer.

Get the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Contour Duo for just $90 at Nordstrom!

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get the look you see on Sabrina all the time, this is an important part – and while you could certainly choose a different brand, this is exactly what she uses. Better to do it the authentic way, right?

Get the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Contour Duo for just $90 at Nordstrom!

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