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Schools’ RAAC removal plan finalised

In July 2018, RAAC panels failed at Singlewell Primary School in Gravesend, Kent

With all surveys now complete a final list of 234 schools and colleges in England with confirmed cases of RAAC has been published.

Of these, 119 will have one or more buildings rebuilt or refurbished through the school rebuilding programme where works to remove RAAC are more extensive or complex.

In 110 of the schools and colleges the required remediation is smaller scale and they will get grant funding for RAAC removal.

Five schools and colleges already have alternative arrangements in place to address the removal of RAAC, for example the building will not be part of the school or college estate over the longer term.

The Department for Education said that although the technical advice did not recommend removal in all cases where it is present, it had taken a precautionary approach schools to remove the crumbly concrete.

The list of 234 schools shows Essex to be the most impacted local authority with 63 RAAC- blighted schools, 27% of the total.

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