Openhagen Warmly Projects Danish Modern Design in High Definition

Digital projectors have become one of the most curiously creative devices in home technology today, both in their evolving list of features as well as novel form factors. The once staid category of purpose-engineered electronics is now being designed with references to retro cameras, recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and ceiling mounted lighting. The Openhagen LightBoks – a digital projector sheathed in an ethically sourced wood veneer – enters the mix with an organic warmth to blend into contemporary living spaces.

A wooden Openhagen LightBoks projector sitting on a stack of books labeled "photography journal" and "productivity planner" on a round table.

Unlike the other aforementioned competitors, Openhagen is targeting their the Android-powered projector toward younger generations who are mainly consuming media from their mobile devices. The specs reflect this casual approach to media consumption. With a modest 300 ANSI Lumens brightness and 1080p output (with support for 4K content), Openhagen claims of images up to 200″ in size may be factually true, but its brightest and highest contrast performance will likely be best appreciated with placement closer to the wall and at a smaller projected image.

Openhagen LightBoks projector set on side table near houseplant and passport projecting image in a darkened room.

Similarly, sound capabilities delivered by the projector’s built-in dual stereo sound (2×5 watt) rate is “for casual viewing” rather than an immersive cinematic experience. That’s generally true for most every other projector, even larger front facing ultra short throw models with soundbar-style speakers.

A close-up of a dark wood Openhagen LightBoks projector front facing lens and speaker slot.

Three Openhagen LightBoks projectors, each set on books labeled "architecture" with interchangeable panels in black stained oak, walnut, and oak, showcasing different wood textures and colors.

Where the Openhagen stands out – beyond its notably mid-century Danish modern aesthetic – is its novel “Smart Flip Design,” a feature optimized to display vertical videos without black bars by physically flipping the entire projector on its side when viewing TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. If you are already in the habit of watching content in bed, just imagine projecting your favorite YouTube stream onto the ceiling, an option further fortified by the inclusion of a blue light reduction feature that won’t disrupt sleep cycles.

A projection of a smartphone's interface displayed by an Openhagen LightBoks projector on a backdrop behind an iPhone standing on a wooden desk alongside a small wooden block.

Four men dressed in early 20th-century attire from the TV series Peaky Blinders, being projected onto a wall by an Openhagen LightBoks projector set on a table.

The LightBoks projector is outfitted to cast using Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, alongside mirror content from an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android devices.

The Openhagen LightBoks projector is set to retail for $999, but the company is attaching an early reservation launch discount that brings the price down to $598, a price on par with the Mi Smart Projector 2, a similar 1080p Android projector with a much brighter luminance. But for some, that’s a fair price to pay for an electronic designed to blend into its domestic surroundings between screenings.

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