Millie Bobby Brown Enters Her 'Warrior Era' in Netflix's 'Damsel'

Millie Bobby Brown is making her return to the big screen in the upcoming Netflix movie Damsel.

“Entering the warrior era. Damsel coming to Netflix March 8,” the streaming service captioned a January 2024 teaser photo from the film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Brown plays the “determined and courageous” Elodie, whose marriage goes south when her prince charming doesn’t appear to be who she thinks.

“It’s a thrilling adventure with a really dark twist to put you on the edge of your seat,” Fresnadillo told Netflix’s Tudum on Thursday, February 1, of the upcoming project. “As a filmmaker, one of the things I always want to do is surprise the audience with a new take on a story. Especially this kind of [traditional story] — we have to modernize those tales with new takes, more modern and real ways, to connect with the audience.”

While it’s a “fantasy” film, Fresnadillo said it’s “grounded in reality” and the film was made to look “as real” as possible.

Damsel marks Brown’s latest flick since 2022’s Enola Holmes 2. Keep reading for all the details about the upcoming film.

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What Is ‘Damsel’ About?

Elodie’s fairy tale marriage into a royal family turns out to be “a trap,” according to Tudum. “The royal family recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt. She’s then thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, relying solely on her wits and will to survive.”

Millie Bobby Brown to Star in Netflix s Damsel
John Wilson/Netflix ©2023

Fresnadillo promises an “intense” experience for viewers, explaining, “You feel that you are experiencing the journey of surviving and facing this creature with Elodie.”

Who Stars in ‘Damsel’?

In addition to the Stranger Things actress, Damsel is set to star Angela Bassett, Robin Wright and Nick Robinson.

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When Does ‘Damsel’ Come Out?

Damsel will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, March 8.

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