M+ x CASETiFY Adds the Architectural Motifs of I. M. Pei to Your Tech Devices

He’s the architectural mastermind behind some of the most identifiable buildings across the globe, including the Louvre, John F. Kennedy Library, National Gallery East Building, and Bank of China in Hong Kong, known for incorporating simple geometric patterns of squares, circles, and triangles into his modernist palette. In celebration of I. M. Pei’s legacy, phone case and accessory brand CASETiFY has paired with M+, Asia’s global museum of contemporary visual culture, and the institution’s I. M. Pei: Life Is Architecture exhibition, to release a limited edition collection. The M+ x CASETiFY Special Exhibition Collection captures some the architect’s geometric visual style into several examples of “pocket-sized art” each referencing some of Pei’s most iconic designs.

Three electronic devices with geometric black protective cases are displayed. A smartphone, tablet, and laptop case all feature matching designs and branding with text "M+" and "Hong Kong." The Casetify phone covers complement the aesthetic perfectly.

The curated collection of three exhibited designs derive their geometric patterns from Pei’s work for the Expo ’70 Taiwan Pavilion in Osaka (EXPO), the National Gallery of Art East Building in Washington, D.C. (NGA), and the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong (BOC).

A set of silver geometric-patterned electronic devices, including a smartphone with a Casetify phone cover, tablet, and smartwatch, displayed against a yellow background. Text at the bottom right reads "@M+, Hong Kong.

Those geometric motifs adorn protective MagSafe-compatible accessories designed to encase the newest iPhone 15 Pro Max series (BOC, NGA, or EXPO), alongside 10th gen 10.9 iPads (BOC, NGA, or EXPO) and 14″ MacBook Pro laptops (NGA or EXPO). CASETiFY and M+ are also offering a smaller sidekick to the iPhone 15 cases in the form of the Snappy™ Mirror Cardholder Stand (BOC or NGA).

Assorted electronic device cases, including Casetify phone covers with geometric patterns, are displayed on a light yellow background under soft lighting. The cases include options for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Casetify IM Pei M Exhibition Tech Case Collection iPhone cases

From left to right: BOC, EXPO, and NGA for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Casetify IM Pei M Exhibition Tech Case Collection Snappy Mirror Stand

From left to right: BOC and NGA Snappy Mirror Cardholder Stands

Casetify IM Pei M Exhibition Tech Case Collection iPad Cases

From left to right: BOC, EXPO, and NGA for iPad 10.9-inch (10-gen)

Casetify IM Pei M Exhibition Tech Case Collection MacBook Pro Case

From left to right: EXPO and NGA for MacBook Pro 14″

For more information or to shop the M+ x CASETiFY collection, head to casetify.com.

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