Jonathan Majors Reportedly Accused of Abuse by 2 More Women After Trial

Jonathan Majors
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Additional accusations against Jonathan Majors have surfaced two months after he was convicted of harassment and assault.

Two additional women, who claimed they each dated the 34-year-old actor between 2013 and 2019, alleged to The New York Times in a Friday, February 9, report that Majors had been emotionally abusive. One of the women also claimed that she had suffered physical abuse from Majors. The newspaper also interviewed 20 anonymous individuals who corroborated that Majors had a “history of volatility” and repeatedly confronted his female costars on Lovecraft Country.

Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry denied the allegations, telling Us Weekly in a statement that her client had not physically abused the complainant and asserted that both relationships were “toxic.” Chaudhry also explained that Majors is taking “responsibility” for his part in the past relationships and is “focusing on himself.”

“Mr. Majors is a method actor, well-respected for his ability to immerse himself in character,” Chaudhry added in her statement. “Countless female producers, costars and members on set can attest to his professionalism.”

The allegations come less than one year after Majors was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex Grace Jabbari. Following an NYPD investigation, the Creed III star was taken into custody in March 2023. Majors, who denied the claims, was released later that day.

Nine months later, Majors stood trial. He was found guilty in December 2023 of assault in the third degree and harassment, with the jury also finding him not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree. His sentencing is scheduled for later this month.

Jonathan Majors Accused of Abuse by Multiple Women Less Than 2 Months After Guilty Verdict

Jonathan Majors outside the courthouse for his domestic violence trial on December 15, 2023 in New York City.
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“A lot has happened in my personal life, in my career, in the culture,” Majors said on Good Morning America last month. “It’s about responsibility and coming forward and being brave and giving my part of the story.”

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He noted that he was “absolutely shocked and afraid” by the verdict. “I’m standing there and the verdict comes down,” Majors recalled. “I say, ‘How is that possible based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence? How is that possible?’”

Majors further denied that he caused Jabbari’s injuries, asserting that he would have “peace” if he understood what happened.

Majors, who shares a daughter with a past partner, is currently dating actress Meagan Good.

“She’s an angel. She’s held me down like a Coretta [Scott King]. I’m so blessed to have her. The relationship is still fresh, but I think I found her,” he said on GMA.

Majors later clarified comparing Good, 42, to the wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

“My intention was to convey my utmost respect for Coretta Scott King, her achievements, and both her personal legacy and the one she shares with her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King,” he said.

If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential support.

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