Gary Neville construction ‘partnership’ expands

Left to right are Nikki Sills, Andy Duffy, Richard Murphy, Anthony Kilbride, Tom Cook and Gary Neville

Zerum Consult was founded in 2013 in Manchester under the equal ownership of chartered surveyor Antony Kilbride and Zerum Limited. Zerum Limited is owned by retired footballer Gary Neville, via his Relentless Group.

Kilbride and Neville have now extended shares in Serum Consult to four staff members: Nikki Sills, Tom Cook, Richard Murphy and Andy Duffy.

They have been given the job title ‘partner’ despite the fact that Zerum Consult is a limited company and not a partnership.

Zerum’s publicity agent explained: “They have directors in the business but they don’t have shares. Therefore, to differentiate, those with shares are called partners.”

Anthony Kilbride said: “The business is now over 10 years old and during this time has grown with new offices in Manchester and Leeds, more colleagues and amazing clients and projects throughout the UK.

 “Like all businesses this success is down to the hard work, dedication and skill of our people and we are delighted to welcome Nikki, Tom, Andy and Rich as partners into the business and for them to develop and support the existing team in the continued development and growth of our company.”

Gary Neville, added: “We hope that this is a strong message to our colleagues as they progress with their careers at the company and see the opportunity to progress towards partnership in future years.”

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