Beeline Design Is in Its Color Era Starting With the Geometrica Collection

It’s not that Beeline Design shies away from color – it’s quite the opposite in fact. The Melbourne furniture studio has been applying more vibrant hues to its furniture, which for the most part leaned neutral years prior. Now, founders Adam Brislin and Lucy Grant are rocketing in a new direction with the launch of Geometrica, an undeniably upbeat, colorful collection of retro-futuristic furniture that blends the best expressive elements from Art Deco and Memphis design. The pieces collectively cultivate a bold and energetic aesthetic that celebrates the modern creative spirit from the 1980s.

A vibrant interior setup featuring a red bench, white square flooring, a small table with a vase, abstract art on the walls, and a floating red scarf.

Geometry is nothing new when it comes to contemporary aesthetic themes, but the duo injects excitement into their configurations with an approach that is different and unexpected. “Our goal with the designs was to capture the essence of our favorite design movements and infuse it with our own unique flair,” Brislin and Grant share. “We wanted to create pieces that not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but also have a modern feel to it.” Paired with bright color blocking, the collection feels fresh and playful, unapologetic in all its show-stopping vibrancy. Those looking to bring home these silhouettes in more subtle colorways may breathe easy; the pieces also come in American Oak as well as muted custom finishes.

Abstract blur painting on a wall above a red and pink bench, positioned on a white and blue geometric tiled floor with a book beside the bench

A colorful interior featuring a yellow arched doorway, a blue table with a vase of flowers, and a geometric floor pattern

Modern abstract painting on orange wall, blue and white striped floor with a blue console table, and a pot of yellow flowers, arch doorway to the side.

As an environmentally-conscious studio, Beeline Design is careful to consider environmental impact, from the production of the collection to its end of life. “As a small manufacturer, ‘waste’ is not something you come across often in our workshop,” they explain. “As designer/makers we take a holistic approach from the very beginning of the design process…we don’t just focus on the aesthetic and functionality of the product, but also its longevity. How can we make something that can be easily repaired? Refinished? Repurposed? How can we utilize and redirect ‘waste’ back into another product? These are all questions we have to answer before we create the final product.”

A contemporary interior featuring a blue pedestal table with a purple glass top, a green stool, and a metallic hanging lamp, set against a dual-tone peach wall with blue and white geometric floor design

A green cylindrical stool with black and white upholstery, positioned on a geometric-patterned floor against a pink wall.

Beeline Design may have effectively answered its own questions, as their work proposes personalized, great design as a means to achieve longevity while mitigating overconsumption and overflow in landfills. The studio offers many opportunities to craft a collectible object through custom color and finish in an effort to suit a myriad of sensibilities. Doubling down on their commitment to sustainability, the studio also responsibly sources its American Oak and uses low VOC treatments. The end result will leave consumers asking: why would anyone want to throw away a really good looking chair?

A modern room with a geometric black and white floor, featuring a wooden oval table, a round side table, a green chair, and a wall sculpture, with a vase of flowers adding a natural touch

A modern room featuring an oval brown table with a unique vase holding greenery and branches, a green chair, and striped beige walls, over a floor with green lines.

A minimalist living room with a black circular table, a sculptural black vessel, and a floating beige fabric piece, against a soft pink wall and patterned floor.

a blue and brown modern cabinet on a green pedestal in a room with striped white and beige walls and square patterned floor

a blue and brown modern cabinet that's opened on a green pedestal in a room with striped white and beige walls and square patterned floor

a blue and brown modern cabinet that's opened on a green pedestal in a room with striped white and beige walls and square patterned floor

two teal coffee tables in a room with striped white and beige walls and square patterned floor

A green cylindrical stool with black and white upholstery on a green pedestal

A man and a woman standing beside a uniquely designed table in a room with striped walls and patterned flooring.

Lucy Grant and Adam Brislin of Beeline Design

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