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There are about one million different moisturizing and firming products out there. We love the variety, but how do we know what’s worth our time and hard-earned dollars? Well, we would say the best way to know is trying it for yourself. Meanwhile, the second best is a tie between checking out the science behind the ingredients and seeing what other savvy shoppers have to say. With this smoothing pomegranate neck and face cream, we’re able to do both!

The superstar ingredients in this firming cream are gogi berry stem cells, edelweiss stem cells and upcycled pomegranate extract. Collagen is all over the skincare world (you’ve probably heard all about it) and many products are enhanced with it, but this firming cream takes it to the next level. Gogi stem cells are capable of increasing collagen production, tackling the root of the slowed collagen production issue instead of simply treating it. In turn, the skin has improved elasticity, a plumper appearance and fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

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Edelweiss is grown in high altitude locations and is therefore exposed to high levels of UV radiation. The plant already has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but these conditions help it develop strong antioxidant properties. As a result, the edelweiss plant’s stem cells are ultra-powerful in lifting and moisturizing the skin.

Pomegranate extract serves as another powerhouse antioxidant. Rich in a molecule called punicalagin, pomegranate extract can neutralize damaging free radicals, soothe skin, decrease inflammation and stifle harmful bacteria growing on your skin.

These extracts work together to give skin a bright, supple appearance and an even tone. The skin firming happens all without synthetic ingredients, fillers, parabens, animal products and chemicals that do more harm than good. All of what you want, none of what you don’t!

And the results speak for themselves with this cream: 91% of users said their skin appears smoother after consistent use and nearly 80% noted a firmer appearance. All it takes is one post-cleanse pump of cream in the morning and one in the evening. For best results, the brand recommends gently massaging into the skin using upward strokes and following with an oil-based serum.

Reviewers love the way this cream hydrates parched winter skin, with one saying her skin has “never been softer,” and another explaining how friends and family have been commenting on the improved texture of her complexion. Others adore the anti-aging capabilities and how gentle it is, even for sensitive skin.

“From the first day, my neck felt beautifully moisturized,” one reviewer explained, “As I continued to use it every night, the skin on my neck started to smooth out and firm up. I am excited (and thankful) to have this gorgeous and clean neck cream as part of my daily self care.” We are too!

Get the Firm Believer Smoothing Neck and Face Cream for $42 at Three Ships Beauty!

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